Master Class sessions allow players to improve their ability to create and score goals. We focus on quick and creative play that covers all aspects of what takes place in the final third. This includes combination play, movement to receive the ball, crossing and all types of finishing.

Session Breakdown

Technical Warm Up (15mins):
The warm up will prepare the players physically and mentally for the session. The aim is to work on basic techniques that will be used during the clinic, while increasing the physical demands of the player.

Closed Technical/Tactical Exercise (45mins):
This closed environment exercise will be the main bulk of the clinic and will work with the players, on replicating the desired techniques, movement and thought process behind the achieving success.

Open Technical Exercise (30mins):
This open environment exercise allowing the players to demonstrate their ball striking techniques against the keepers. This will allow the coaches to evaluate the improvements made by the players in a game like environment.

Finishing (30mins):
Small sided finishing games will conclude the clinic.